Seamless Leggings, simple but individual, bring out the temperament


Seamless Leggings, simple but individual, bring out the temperament.

The collocation skill of leggings can go up from waist line and pants length TO solve, so how should the collocation of black pants do? How can you look superior? Actually, the leggings matching technique is far easier than you might think. As a middle-aged and elderly aunt, I used to like to buy leggings, after all, young girls like those small and fresh (now think of it, I used to feel very beautiful small white pants seems to be the representative of small and fresh.

The above two pictures are I and before like a sister together, I help her do collocation, buy, received sister's pants, I screenshot to other sister to see, for a time, my face question mark. Why the first thing I saw was the girl's double ponytail, psychologically silently divided her to the level of "sports women".

Then gradually began to understand women, began to understand workplace, began to realize personal value and social status of women today, it is the diversity of a pluralistic society, not just on the dress, more is the ideological, lifestyle, etc., these things is not every woman can choose, like a certain age groups of women.

Leggings and workplace collocation seamless connection, want to explain a problem: as long as you do not contain the cognition and definition of stereotypical thinking, a comprehensive mature, diversified thinking, colorful color insight of the female, is bound to be a perfect match leggings, and will not appear to be nondescribable, vulgar.

The collocation of black is very classic, but in the fashion circle, some "strange gate weapons" have been applied in black. These "strange gate weapons" are matched at the "height" of the most fashionable fashion. In fact, they are all practitioners of efficient collocation methods.

1. Under the foil of wide-legged pants, the whole person is relatively stretch in proportion, while not looking muddy.

2 Black straight pants choose a thin leg type of Asian girls should be very ideal, because the leg body ratio is really dissonance, wear leggings, not only effectively increase the leg lines, the whole leg type is also instant "straight and straight", although not fashionable, but the whole temperament. 3. Neutral basic wide leg pants, choose such pants, the purpose is, first, to completely expose the imperfect shortcomings of the leg type, second, both fashion sense, show straight legs, at least have the right overall generous sense.

4 Light colored tops, whether viewed horizontally or vertically, have the effect of slimming legs and making them look slimmer. 5. With the same color, if it is black and white, then this place will reflect light and not natural, so the top can choose orange color (color difference can be greater than one degree) or dark gray color.

Dark gray or orange, your natural affinity, is not needed, but almost darker colors are mostly superior to those shades of gray or orange and superior is not a preference for European or American style, but a preference for some culture or subculture that is idiosyncrasies that if a woman,

Honest, may be out of date, but some "colors" can follow the trend of fashion, and let people feel more "personality", more flavor, in other words, wearing the right clothes, not to see whether it is beautiful, is to see whether it has a tone. The more experienced a woman is, the more you will see not only her grace and her value, but also what is attractive about her character, even if color is only a very small element.

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