The advantage of seamless shaper wear?


Seamless shapewear upper body effect: not tight, not stuffy, not tight. Traditional slit toning clothes pressure above 4800, beyond the scope of the body's normal accept, may lead to breathing disorders, oppressive organs, in particular, is extremely important to female uterus oppression against women's health, although after the market response now sew the garment and gently press the product, but you can't avoid flat-fell seam interface in him leave scar, Cause red, itchy uncomfortable phenomenon such as ⌄ sex at the same time, because the fabric of moisture absorption perspiration is not strong will cause skin disease. And seamless shapewear first of all, its clothing pressure is between 2800-3600PA, is acceptable to the human body light pressure, the upper body feels relaxed without any sense of pressure, and there is no problem of stitching interface. So wear shapewear, it is best to choose seamless, no matter wearing experience, effect, or to their own health, is beneficial.
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